Emergency Prep

Certification and Operator Training

Raleigh, NC: Emergency preparedness training with other local, state, and federal representative teams.



Emergency Preparedness Training

Operators are trained to identify and implement established emergency procedures (like suspicious packages found on vehicles).


Tabletop exercises (simulated scenarios first discussed in small groups) are one of the best methods for assessing emergency conditions and plans, brainstorming possible alternatives, and fine-tuning current emergency preparedness policies and procedures.  Operators learn and are trained on their critical roles and responsibilities for real life emergencies.


Operators are told that they may, in emergency situations, have to use lap belt cutters; but they have never actually experienced the somewhat challenging task.  Practice makes perfect.


Operators evaluate the best method for relocating an injured passenger (using a 150-lb. dummy) from an accident scene.  In this case, they determined the use of a bed sheet was practical & beneficial. Another choice is an assistive device.


Operators must experience the challenges of evacuating passengers from a vehicle.  Training and practicing is the key!